Unforgettable Memories

Lapland is different, Finnish Lakeland is different – Arctic Lakeland is unique. It is the fortunate combination of them all.
Villa Cone Beach hides in the heart of Arctic Lakeland, in an unexplored territory, authentic, exotic.

Safe and Secure

Photo shows a girl in a safe and secure summer milieu.

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Why to visit Kuhmo in Finland? That’s the easiest question ever to answer.

Villa Cone Beach can well be the safest place in Finland for you, your loved ones and friends for a dream holiday. Finland in turn is the safest country on the planet. You can take full privacy for granted.

Our children can go alone safely. No natural catastrophes happen here. Freezing winter kills bugs and germs every year.

Corruption is nonexistent. Police won’t follow your moves. Should you need to get to a hospital in an emergency, you will be hurried there. Traffic goes orderly and Finnair has superior safety record. You can trust us at the wheel.

Is it dull? No, it is unstressed comfort in safety. But if you seek for thrills, we can do a lot.


Photo shows mysterious atmosphere at Villa Cone Beach lakeside in a sumer midnight.

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At Villa Cone Beach you stay in privacy, cut from the rest of the world – if you so wish. Else, your choices are from slow to active to hard doing.

Endless Taiga forests protect your privacy. Villa Cone Beach locates alone inside a forest, nearest neighbours living a kilometer away. You and each villager have 10 km² for you, in average. Yet you are not far from safety networks, emergency response, doctors, hospitals, police, even local community. And we stay close.

Technology shrinks the distances. Fast communication takes place via 4G or 100/100 Mb optical fiber. Distances to a number of small towns and their services are just suitable. You are connected at will.


Photo shows a snowy piece of rock in the lake under foggy morning at Villa Cone Beach.

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A whisper goes for communication in total silence. Quiet down completely and you may hear hissing of air molecules, when they bounce your ear drums. Listen to floating snow flakes hitting on your shoulders. The true sounds of silence are quiet.

Silence may be broken in freezing cold, when snow creaks under your boots and you can hear very strange loud bangs from the lake. The ice shrinks and cracks in lowering temperature. In the summertime vegetation makes the silencer.

Occasionally a lonely dog barks far away or muffled humming carries from a distant road, where a single vehicle runs ahead. Your peace remains.


Photo shows tiny living things, which require absolutely pure nature to thrive.

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Inhale the cleanest air on the Earth. Winds bring fresh air to Villa Cone Beach from the Atlantic Ocean, from Greenland and Arctic Sea, from the home of polar bears.

Our pure water flows from a municipally operated local natural spring. We add nothing in water and we remove even less. Showers, WC, cooking, only spring water is available for any and all uses. Farm animals in the village drink spring water. We can’t help, we have to wash your car with the same crystal stuff.

You feel clean from head to toe after a good sauna. No wonder, you threw spring water on the hot stones and you inhaled its vapor. If all the people would have sauna regularly, there certainly would be less wars. If all people had our spring water, they might stay home. That’s why to visit Kuhmo in Finland.


Photo shows a young daredevil snow man sitting at the edge of Villa Cone Beach roof.

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Snow shines blue, red or gray shades, depending on play of sun and clouds. There are no fixed snowy or sunny seasons and we are happy to go day by day. Our amount of snowfall or rain is just right without chaos, flooding or severe droughts.

Full moon light reflects from white snow making winter nights blue and almost as bright as cloudy days. You will not forget the Milky Way in a snowy winter night.

Sun glasses are recommended in the brightest snowy May-April sunshine whenever your exposure lasts longer.

Snow is a blessing. It protects plants and it saves energy. It requires totally different ways of doing things in work and leisure.You cannot steer a snowmobile or a husky pack without snow.


Photo shows snowy forest high from the air.

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Lucky you can experience a wintertime temperature down to -40 °C ( -0 °F). That’s 20 degrees colder than in your freezer. Such an extreme we don’t reach every winter. A typical minimum is 32-34 °C, even then only for a few days. A typical level is in the range of -5 to -20 °C. Good going never stops.

Villa Cone Beach milieu and proper clothing make you feel warm. Very likely you feel cozier than in many southern resorts.

Is it getting intolerably hot and dusty in your summers? Stop sweating and escape from scorching heat to Villa Cone Beach.

Electricity blankets or bed warmers? No way. Just adjust the room temperature to exactly suit you. There is no bad weather at Villa Cone Beach.


Photo shows two people in a boat on a midnight lake.

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You will not stumble upon No Trespassing signs. The Fee to Roam rights favor people, landowners and city dwellers alike. Go wherever you like and pick freely any wild berries, mushrooms and herbs. That’s why to visit Kuhmo in Finland.

Free of charge recreational use of all land and waterways belongs to everyone, including you. Just observe common sense courtesy and people’s privacy. Law may limit going to certain protected and military areas.

Freedom to roam the land reflects the state of other freedoms in the country. The freedom of press and expression of opinion are at their best in Finland. Education is mostly free.


Photo shows a strong brown bear in wilderness.

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Arctic Lakeland is the fortunate combination of Lapland and Finnish Lakeland. That’s why to visit Kuhmo in Finland. Add the local unique pleasures and you have the best parts of all tree. In addition, the crowds of mass tourism are missing, so the nature is yours.

Villa Cone Beach is surrounded by endless forests and hundreds of lakes and streams into an idyllic mosaic. Nature areas protect wild forest reindeer, the big cousin of Santa’s Rudolph.

Lake Kuivajarvi lies a stone’s throw from Villa Cone Beach. It is a wonderful jewel stopping the time from running. All beauty is packed in a small area to easily navigate and reach.


Photo shows a heart figure cut in the wall of a wooden building, as a symbol of friendship and love.

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Villa Cone Beach serves you friendly, casually and with courtesy. As well, we guard your total solitude when you prefer to have it.

Finns talk straight and honestly. We tend to go to the point. Many of us are used to small talk, while some prefer to remain more on their own. World-famous Finnish happiness is an interesting quality. That’s why to visit Kuhmo in Finland.

We are equality folks, not natural tipping people. Tipping is increasingly ok due to learning foreign habits, yet no one gets mad if you miss it.

Our hosts will always guide you unless you want to go on your own.


Photo shows mist floating over a summer night field.

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The Sun doesn’t show up in December to February in the north of Finland. It’s time of Kaamos, a continuous night with dim short days. At Arctica Estates the Sun barely rises above the horizon in midwinter. Days are short, just a few minutes, but they are days.

Colours are magic yellows and reds. Lucky you can marvel the fabulous light show of the Northern Lights, Milky Way stars twinkling through.

Wintertime is most beautiful in bright cold days, when the Sun’s rays reflect from trillions snow crystals on trees and ground.

What a difference under glaring Sun in April. Long midsummer days of June-July make people forget the tale-telling time of Kaamos. Read your favorite book outdoors at midnight.


Photo shows lake ice cracking, singing and banging in a freezing night.

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Imagine lake ice sing loudly? Indeed, so it does. The show takes place when the temperature goes down and the ice sheet is not under heavy load of snow.

The ice on the Villa Cone Beach lake shrinks forcefully and cracks suddenly. You cannot miss howling, whistling and banging along the vast expanse. Get out on ice in the middle of concert and wonder the sounds of nature. More lakes even kilometers away join chorus. Finally, ice plays jingle bell music with millions of instruments, when the sunny spring melts it weak.

That is not enough to satisfy the lowering temperature. Wooden buildings and trees bang like cannons. If you are very lucky, you can hear a howling wolf pack in darkness. Many of the sounds will remain mystery.

That’s why to visit Kuhmo in Finland.


Photo shows blueberries with their antioxidants.

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Blueberry has it all. Vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, in addition to charming flavors. Add cloudberries, crowberries and many more. Hard to say which one is the most delicious.

Get into forest to pick up wild mushrooms in the season. Variety of local species is extensive. There are hundreds to choose from, like chanterelle and many different boletus (eg. Penny Bun). That’s why to visit Kuhmo in Finland.

Delicious Villa Cone Beach fish are known to lower bad cholesterol. It’s up to you how to make it, fried, fire blazed, grilled, cooked, poached or lightly salted.

Alternatively we may dine at a local family and experience the native folks‘ authentic life and food. Anytime we can go and have a meal in one of the many restaurants of small towns.